Benjamin Law Practice, PLLC

Benjamin Law Practice, PLLC, was created to bring a unique and personal touch to the attorney-client representation. When you retain Benjamin Law Practice, PLLC, you become part of the family. Too often, clients are seen as a “number” at many large firms. Our firm’s mantra is to bring an aggressive and trustworthy style to the representation of your case in order to obtain the best result possible for you.

Benjamin Law Practice, PLLC specializes in Foreclosure Defense, HOA Foreclosure Defense, Debt Collection Defense, Loan Modification, Bankruptcy, Real Estate Litigation, Business Law, Estate Planning, Personal Injury, and General Civil Litigation. When you hire Benjamin Law Practice, rest assured our firm will do everything possible to fight for your rights to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

At Benjamin Law Practice, we understand your unique situation and will partner with you every step of the way. We ensure affordable legal representation and will always be at your disposal whenever you have a question or an issue to discuss. We look forward to partnering with you on your case!


Other attorneys elsewhere all told me they couldn’t win so I knew what to expect. I was however desperate to find a gifted attorney, a real fighter and I prayed to God for the same. The next day I came across a firm called Benjamin Law Practice on the web and was quickly contacted by attorney Jon Benjamin. He was the first to ask me in-depth about what happened with his questions on point. I told him about the conduct of the bank. I was struck by the professionalism of Benjamin Law Practice from the outset. Jon Benjamin was courteous, meticulous in his work, extremely focused and diligent. He was hired and set about his work with a quiet determination and refreshing energy. I was mindful that he was taking on two huge players being one of the biggest banks and separately a very large corporate entity.

I traveled to the USA as Jon Benjamin fought my case. He fought for my home as if it were his own. His preparatory work was on point, his paperwork that was filed with the court in a timely manner and hit all the markers. The Judge was very astute, the court was spacious, clean and well presented. Mr. Benjamin put his arguments and fought off the opposition with diligence and skill. The Judgement was taken under advisement, the wait was excruciating and even though I knew a win was unlikely given what I had been told by every other attorney, Jon Benjamin won the case, lock, stock and barrel. Wow!

– Kevin (Avvo)

I’ve had a very stressful and complex case involving a foreclosure since 2009 and a modification that was not being honored. I’ve had other lawyers involved on the case & they were unable to solve the case except buy me more time. I am very thankful for attorney Jon Benjamin at Benjamin Law Practice who helped me reach a favorable result. He was very aggressive and diligent in working my case. I also appreciate he’s effort to keep me well informed throughout the process. I’m sure he has lots of cases he’s working on but I felt that he put me first. I am very thankful for he’s knowledge and hard work he put in helping me save my home. I highly recommend attorney Benjamin.

– Kenia (Avvo)