There are many kinds of attorneys who practice law. In my opinion the best ones are the lawyers that not only have a grasp on the law and can effectively litigate; but those who understand that close communication with one’s client is also part of good representation. Jon Benjamin is such an attorney. My professional experience with him makes him an easy referral. He totally understands how essential it is to keep a client in the loop on all stages of litigation and /or settlement negotiations. He takes the time to listen to concerns an offers strong consultation on varied solutions to a legal problem. He can be trusted and he gets the job done! Hire him!

– Carole (Facebook)

Jon Benjamin is heaven sent. Before hiring Jon, my parents were at a big firm for over a year that could not get the job done. Jon through aggressive litigation was able to get my parents debt collection case on a promissory note dismissed in very little time. What took this big law firm one year and a half to close; took Jon 2 months! He is very professional and always kept an open line of communication. Hiring Jon was the best decision ever. Please contact Jon if you have any legal issues! you wont be disappointed. I can’t thank him enough for his services.

– Jessica (Facebook)

Jon Benjamin of Benjamin Law Practice, PLLC is a gifted attorney with subject matter expertise foreclosure defense, HOA foreclosure defense, bankruptcy, landlord/tenant Law, and general civil litigation. He has worked on the bank side and has a unique perspective as a defense attorney. Jon is a zealous advocate for his clients and will not back down. He works tirelessly for his client and is able to obtain some amazing results. Without hesitation I recommend and endorse Jon. He also has an exceptional “bedside manner” breaking down complex legal issues for clients. Without hesitation I recommend and endorse Jon.

– Charles (Facebook)

My family had peace of mind throughout the whole process. Besides the favorable decision, one of the best things about working with Jon is that he was both personable and available. He is an aggressive and talented attorney that I recommend!

– Colin (Avvo)

I came to Benjamin Law Practice to discuss the foreclosure files by the HOME owners association. I immediately felt at peace after talking to them and attorney Benjamin. In 2 days Attorney Benjamin was able to resolve the case and save my house. I am so happy and highly recommend this firm especially Attorney Benjamin.

– Rita (Avvo)

Jonathan has been representing my wife and I with a very complex bank lender liability matter.

Jonathan immediately recognized my key defenses and turned those into an aggressive position with the bank. The litigation is proceeding with a very positive outlook for myself and my wife.
Jonathan knows his way around the Broward Courthouse and I would be delighted to recommend his services.

– Robert (Avvo)

Attorney Jon Benjamin was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was professional, diligent, aggressive, and always had my best interest in mind.

– Derek (Avvo)

I’ve had a very stressful and complex case involving a foreclosure since 2009 and a modification that was not being honored. I’ve had other lawyers involved on the case & they were unable to solve the case except buy me more time. I am very thankful for attorney Benjamin at Benjamin Law Practice who helped me reach a favorable result. He was very aggressive and diligent in working my case. I also appreciate he’s effort to keep me well informed throughout the process. I’m sure he has lots of cases he’s working on but I felt that he put me first. I am very thankful for he’s knowledge and hard work he put in helping me save my home. I highly recommend attorney Benjamin.

– Kenia (Avvo)

While at the end of this trying period in my life, I felt the most comfortable with the answers that were provided by Attorney Benjamin. I feel that my questions were most simply answered, not overwhelmed with lawyer or court jargon, but he let me know exactly what needs to be done and I complete the court filing task next week after the holiday. Attorney Benjamin, Thank you for your expertise and well wishes!!

– Traci (Avvo)

Benjamin Law Practice has been once again great. I have experienced nothing but professionalism working with Jon Benjamin, Esq to do everything we can to save my home. Jon has been very responsive, helpful, knowledgeable, and patient. Lot of attorneys take your money and don’t call or do anything. But Jon has always been there and very professional making me and my wife feel at home. These guys are superstars and second to none.

– Nixon (Avvo)

Jon Benjamin Is a very dedicated and determined attorney. Jon was very aggressive when it came to developing a reply to a motion for summary judgement on my home.

He was able to get the motion stopped which has enabled us to continue to build our defense to save our home.

Jon has passion for reviewing case law and getting all the details that pertains to a client’s case, his ability to explain the law to the average person without boring the client is superior!

To me, there is nothing better than when a professional is clear, concise, to the point in his communication, knowledgeable and responsive in his follow up.

Jon has been all of the above!

– Steve (Avvo)

Other attorneys elsewhere all told me they couldn’t win so I knew what to expect. I was however desperate to find a gifted attorney, a real fighter and I prayed to God for the same. The next day I came across a firm called Benjamin Law Practice on the web and was quickly contacted by an attorney called Jon Benjamin. He was the first to ask me in-depth about what happened with his questions on point. I told him about the conduct of the bank. I was struck by the professionalism of Benjamin Law Practice from the outset. Jon Benjamin was courteous, meticulous in his work, extremely focused and diligent. He was hired and set about his work with a quiet determination and refreshing energy. I was mindful that he was taking on two huge players being one of the biggest banks and separately a very large corporate entity.

I travelled to the USA as Jon Benjamin fought my case. He fought for my home as if it were his own. His preparatory work was on point, his paperwork that was filed with the court in a timely manner and hit all the markers. The Judge was very astute, the court was spacious, clean and well presented. Mr. Benjamin put his arguments and fought off the opposition with diligence and skill. The Judgement was taken under advisement, the wait was excruciating and even though I knew a win was unlikely given what I had been told by every other attorney, Jon Benjamin won the case, lock, stock and barrel.


– Anonymous (Avvo)

Jon took the time one evening to advise me on a family violence case. Was professional and knowledgeable. He also referred me to an attorney in my area. With their help I obtained a favorable decision. I was extremely pleased with their assistance.

– Aaron (Avvo)

I needed legal services, I did not know who and where to address my problems to. A month a half ago, I was listening to Lesly Jacques’ radio show on 1700 AM and I obtained the phone number to contact the Loan Lawyer Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale. I immediately called and set up an appointment with the law firm. It was when I met Jonathan Mark Benjamin, Esq.. Surprisingly, after evaluation he accepted my case. Since then he represented me in court, he diligently defended my case. He was able to vacate the default for me with a very tough Judge and very tough facts! He was able to recover my case which was literally in a moribund state. His aggressive effort has defeated the stubborn plan of the bank to stop me from making a balance payoff. My recommendation for Jonathan is: I have nothing but praise for him and for his kind staff who are always ready to respond to my questions. The entire staff is very professional and knowledgeable. Your office is pleasant and top of the line. Anyone out there having problems with his or her mortgage, I strongly recommend you Jonathan Mark Benjamin attorney at Loan Lawyer Law Firm. Keep fighting my case.

– Hebert (Avvo)

When working with an attorney you need to know that they care about your particular case and with Jon Benjamin you get that confidence very quickly. We found him to be very efficient, prepared and was effective in the case for which we hired him. We would highly recommend him.

– Alex (Avvo)

I have the pleasure of having Jonathan Mark Benjamin as my attorney in a foreclosure case. If you are looking for the best defense against any civil matter, the Benjamin Law Practice is the place to go.

– Maria (Avvo)

I contacted Attorney Jonathan Benjamin about a landlord-tenant case. I explained to him that my former landlord refused to return my security deposit. He jumped on in right away. After the Landlord refused to respond he filed a civil suit for me against them and soon afterwards they offered a settlement. I recommend Attorney Benjamin to anyone needing help with any issues to contact him.

– Jannette (Avvo)

Jonathan has helped me in my (Tenant’s) dispute with landlord. His careful review of my case and his knowledge of law in Real Estate matters is second to none. If you are looking for quick answers look some place else but if you are looking for an honest assessment of your case and careful review of the law look no further. He provides personal attention and service. I highly recommend him. He is GOOD!!!!!!!!!

– Shrini (Avvo)

I’m satisfied with the information provided to me regarding my inquiry. I quickly bonded with Mr Benjamin and feel that if needed I’ll consult/ retain him in the future. Thanks again.

– Jerome (Avvo)

After doing a lot of research on the internet, I was more confused than ever. After talking with him for just a short while I was very confident in the information that he was giving me. Without a doubt when I move forward, i want him to represent me.

– Darrell (Avvo)

Benjamin Law Practice has done an outstanding job in fighting both my foreclosure case and also the illegal collection activities of this mortgage company.

They answer all my emails and always return all my calls answering my questions and addressing my concerns in a professional and courteous manner.

They are strong fighters for their clients and it is very apparent that they absolutely love the David versus Goliath challenge of going after the huge banking interests and mortgage companies and winning cases for their clients.

They are true warriors fighting for the little man against the large banking interests. If you are facing foreclosure or suffering from illegal debt collection practices I urge you in the strongest terms to secure their representation and not try and fight Goliath alone.

– Russ (Avvo)

Mr. Benjamin has helped me on more than one occasion. I recommend him to anyone who is in a bind, because his professional manner is profound. He is expeditious about informing you and does so thoroughly. Putting faith in his hands is something you will not regret.

Thank you Jon.

– Anonymous (Avvo)

Mr. Benjamin was highly recommended to me by a friend. I found Mr. Benjamin to be extremely knowledgeable about my legal situation and handled my case in the most professional manner. He listened to me explain my legal dilemma and what I was trying to accomplish. He researched my documents and explained to me what outcomes were possible and what other steps could be taken in the future if a not so favorable outcome was to happen. At the time we discussed fees and he asked me if I wanted to be represented by his firm. He and his team took care of my case with very little interaction with me. He went to court on my behalf and handled everything and the judgement was exactly what I was hoping for from the beginning. I will always inquire with Mr. Benjamin’s team in the future should I ever need legal advice. Even if his team does not specialize in that particular field of law I would still inquire with him as to who he would recommend.

– Jen (Avvo)

Our mortgage was “under water”, by that I mean the mortgage amount was more than the value of the house. Additionally I went through a divorce and I failed to pay my mortgage due to a reduction in house hold income. The bank kept sending me threatening notices and even sent notices stating that they are ready to foreclose on the house.

I was really put in a desperate situation. I contacted attorney Jonathan Benjamin, who not only made the annoying phone calls go away, but got me a modification with a lower interest rate including principal reduction. He worked with me throughout the modification process and helped me complete the forms. More importantly, the personalized service he offered was something that I have never experienced with any other attorney. I am so happy right now as, and not only I get to keep my house where my mother and I plan on living for the rest of our lives.

I strongly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their mortgages.

– Natasha (Avvo)

Attorney Jon Benjamin is a awesome bankruptcy lawyer. When every other lawyer I contacted wouldn’t even take 10 minutes to hear me out without wanting to charge me he sat on the phone with me for a little over an hour to hear my situation free of charge. Then he decided to take my case at a price I couldn’t refuse. He also explained everything step by step on how things are to be done when filing bankruptcy. Jon never left my side during this whole procedure. When I called him he always responded and when it came done to the date I had to meet with the trustees he picked me up and drove us to the appointment. You can truly count on attorney Jon Benjamin. If I could give him a higher rating I would because he has did a job well done.

– Lucy (Avvo)

We had a positive experience working with Jon. He was quite knowledgeable about the foreclosure laws and process, which put myself and my wife at ease. He had timely followup and he was never too busy to consult with us. We will definitely recommend him to family and friends.

– Wayne (Avvo)

Jon was very responsive and helped me every step of the way with my case. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and David at the firm. The staff are very nice and always happy to see their clients.

– Anonymous (Avvo)

I had called Jon to help me file a bankrupcy for my parents. From day one Jon spent over 2 hours with me on the phone to help me and answer all my questions and that’s before I even hired him. Jonathan was a caring and understanding lawyer who treats you like you’re family. He made sure all my paper work was correct and always emailed, called back or texted back in a timely manner. Before we were ready to file Jonathan met with my parents and I ON A SATURDAY just to work around our schedule. He came on his off day to meet with us and make sure all our paper work was correct and ready!!! In his office we were treated like family and with extreme patience since we had lots of questions. So he comes in on HIS OFF DAY and spends TWO HOURS with us just to make sure we’re content and we dont have anymore questions. I absolutely recommend Jonathan Mark Benjamin.. He is an amazing lawyer and I’m glad I went with him.

– Anonymous (Avvo)

I recently had an issue where my former landlord who illegally kept half of my deposit and made personal improvements to their unit. These improvements where not due to damage in which I caused as the unit was left spotless.

After several certified letters in which my landlord refused to send the remainder of my deposit I sought legal advice and met with John. He reviewed the legal statues under Florida, my rights as a tented, and the steps we would take going forward on the case.

John was very knowledgeable, moved the case forward in a timely manner and was always quick to replay by phone, text, and email for any of my questions that arose. In the end my former landlords agreed to settle the case out of court allowing the remainder of my deposited to be returned. I could not have down this John’s hard work and knowledge of the laws.

– Bill (Avvo)

I was referred to Mr. Benjamin via the Florida Bar seeking legal advice on my landlord/tenant dispute. Mr. Benjamin was very helpful, courteous, and professional when advising me on the legal aspects and potential ramifications and outcomes of my case. He showed patience and willingness to go above and beyond what was necessary, even after normal business hours. His eagerness to fight for my rights was demonstrated every time we communicated. I highly recommend Mr. Benjamin for anyone’s legal counselor.

– Chris (Avvo)

I was referred to Jonathan by a friend and I was very pleased with the results and his professionalism. He took the time to get to know me and understand my situation, believed in me as a client and came to the case very well prepared. Without hesitation I would recommend Jonathan to any of my family, friends or colleagues that are in need of his services.

– Brad (Avvo)

Jon is not only a terrific attorney, I can also call him friend. I recently experienced a situation involving my Mother and he graciously helped us out with understanding and compassion. Whatever your situation, Jon will go that extra mile for you. Keep up the great work, Jon!

– Vicki (Avvo)

Mr. Mark Benjamin answer my question w/i the same day I posted ( which was !@ nite time @ AVVO.COM). Very helpful & answered ALL my questions.

– Anonymous (Avvo)

I received two traffic citations with pretty hefty fines. Mr. Benjamin informed me of my options and possible outcomes. I hired him on our first consult. While reviewing my situation, Mr. Benjamin was very attentive. With his written motion to the judge he was able to get one of the tickets completely thrown out. I received no points on my license and I didn’t even have to take one of those horrible online classes. Mr. Benjamin was very clear and concise with me throughout the entire ordeal. I would definitely recommend Mr. Benjamin. He has become my lawyer of choice.

– Anonymous (Avvo)

December 2013 I was served with a lawsuit. Jon took my case we went to arbitration and the case was set for trial. During this time Jon was persistent about collecting evidence. He made me feel comfortable and confident about the suit. We went to trial and Jon won the case. He was very good at litigation, respectful to the court and the women who was suiting me. Jon is an outstanding attorney and I highly recommend him.

– Dolores (Avvo)